Los Angeles, Part II

We saw a few sights around LA and of course we got hungry, so let’s look at a few delicious (but not so healthy) food we ate in between the awesome sights. We ate a mix of American and Mexican food, and the Mexican food in particular was just artery-clogging delicious. I think all 3 of us especially loved the Mexican food for two reasons: 1) it’s authentic given the sheer number of Mexicans in LA, so you can be guaranteed superb food and 2) we are deprived of good and cheap Mexican food in Sydney.

After our celebrity house tour, we stopped at Johnny Rockets Diner for lunch. It may be a diner chain but Johnny Rockets is kind of nostalgic for us as we used to go to the Hoboken, NJ branch for our fix of milkshakes, malt shakes and burgers back when we lived there.

Johnny Rockets diner

Johnny Rockets burgers

This is the smokehouse single with a beef patty, onion rings and cheese, which looked pretty greasy and downright delish. I was still trying hard to stick to my pescetarian diet so I went for the veggie burger made of soy, much to the amazement of the waitresses. Something I learned on this trip was it’s surprisingly difficult to be pescetarian or vegetarian eating out in America, especially in diners outside of major cities. Burgers and hot dogs aside, even food like biscuits and gravy are heavily-flavoured with sausage grease or bacon. Everything non-meat comes with meat, like fried chicken and waffles.

But one thing without meat is fries, and better still, cheese fries!

Cheese fries at Johnny Rockets

Burgers are delicious alright, but what all of us were really looking forward to was the Mexican food. Just like many hawker centres and food courts in Asia, I love how humble eateries often make the tastiest, least fussy food. So lucky for us we had our fill with enchiladas, beans and rice at a simple Mexican restaurant outside of LA. Oh yeah.

Delicious enchiladas

My sister got these tacos, beans and rice. Don’t they look tastily fabulous?

Delicious tacos, beans and rice

I definitely enjoyed my enchiladas, but the star of the meal was surely this guava juice drink. The pale pink nectar was so refreshing, pleasantly mild and of just the right sweetness. I got a cup but unfortunately for me, my sister and A kept stealing sips from me. I’ve loved guava juice since I was a child, so I’m sure I’d drink a cup of this everyday if given the chance.

Guava juice

While we explored Venice Beach, we popped into Boardwalk Yogurt for some fro-yo. Frozen yoghurt flavours have expanded lots since my fro-yo craze a couple of years ago (yes, I hardly get fro-yo anymore). Back then, frozen yoghurt stores like Pinkberry and Red Mango had only 2 or 3 flavours like original, chocolate and green tea, plus the many cereal and sweet toppings. But Boardwalk Yoghurt had interesting flavours like red velvet, cookies and cream, banana and coffee.

Boardwalk Yogurt DSC_0121

Boardwalk Yogurt made me realise that frozen yoghurt was the craze in the states starting from a couple of years ago, and they are only now coming to Australia. I’m wondering if the frozen yoghurt shops popping up now will spark a Pinkberry-like frozen yoghurt craze in Sydney? What do you think?

And for those of you who have been to LA, what was the most delicious meal you ate there?


One Thought on “Los Angeles, Part II

  1. Regarding LA, Part II posting, I have fond memories of Johnny Rockets malt shakes. They used to add real malt balls into the blender with the rest of the of the malt ingredients. This would reduce the malt balls into very small but discernible crunchy pieces: what a combo. I also like the waiters and waiteresses who still wear aprons and change belts that hand from their waste: just like old times, and certainly before my time (true : ) ). Thanks for sharing.

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